7KW/11KW/22KW Home or Public AC EV Charging Station E-ER


  1. Type 2/ Type 1 EV charging Station
  2. 7kw 11KW 22kw power output
  3. Enclosure Material: Flame Retardant PC + Spraying Plastics(Silver)
  4. Optional Functions: LED Screen, 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, DLB, Industrial CEE Input Plug, OCPP, MID Meter
Items Parameters
Model Number ER-07032 ER-11016 ER-22032
Structure Function Plug&Charge, RFID to Charge, APP
Enclosure Size 300*245*95mm(H*W*D)
Enclosure Material PC9330
Installation Method Wall-Mounted / Column-Mounted
Cable Gauge 3*6mm²+0.75mm² 5*2.5mm²+0.75mm² 5*6mm²+0.75mm²
Cable Length 5M or Customization
Electrical Index Input Voltage AC 80V-265V 1-Phase AC 400V 3-Phase
Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Output Power 7KW 11KW 22KW
Output Current 32A 16A 32A
Standby Power 3W
Working Environment Scene Outdoor/Indoor
Humidity 5%-95% (Non-Condensing)
Work Temperature -30℃-+50℃
Altitude 2000m
IP Grade IP54 Control Box/IP67 Charging Cable
Certificate CE, Rohs, CB
RCD Type A + DC 6mA
Protection Overvoltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Ground Protection, Over-Temp Protection, Lightning Protection, Leakage Protection, Input Shutdown Protection, Flame Retardant Protection.
Smart Feature Interface Light Indicator, 5.6 inch Dispaly Screen, APP
Communication Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, Ethernet, OCPP1.6J
Additional Functions Dynamic Load Balance, MID meter, Industrial CEE Input Plugs

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