Double-Connector Rapid DC EV Charging Station (HC Series)


Double connectors can be equipped and the standards can be different.

Power Output can be up to 240KW.

  • Charging Standard: CCS1 / CCS2 / GB/T / CHAdeMO
  • Output Power Rating: 60KW/80KW/90KW/120KW/150KW/180KW/200KW/240KW
  • Communications: Ethernet, 4G, WiFi, LAN
  • 7″ color touch screen, RFID reader
  • OCPP1.6J
Model HC0601K HC0801K HC0901K HC1201K HC1501K HC1801K HC2001K HC2401K
Rated power 60KW 80KW 90KW 120KW 150KW 180KW 200KW 240KW
Output voltage 200-750V(200-1000V optional)
nput voltage AC380V±20%/AC480V±20%(optional)
Input current 95A 134A 174A 200A 230A 285A 335A 400A
Output current 0-200A 250A 250A 0-250A
Frequency 50~60HZ
Gun quantity 2
Charging way Quick or Slow charge automatic switch
Charging mode Swipe card/APP/Manual
Cable length 5M
Interface 7”color touch screen+IC card contacless card reader
Network  connection Standard configuration:CAN/485/Ethernet Selective:GPRS/4G/WIFI
Size(mm) 1750X620X780
Weight 120KG
Operating  temperature 25C~+50C(Derating higher than 50C)
Altitude 2000M
IP level IP54
Operation Humidity 5%-90%RH,non-condensiong
Standard GBT20234/EN62196/EN61851-1,JEVSG 105/CHADEMO
Protocol GBT27930/CHADEMO2.0/DIN70121,OCPP 1.6(JSON),ISO 15118

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