Mobile DC EV Charging Station With Type 2 Inlet Socket (Type 2 MC Series)


This model can be used to recharge an EV from a type 2 AC EV charging station.

Plug the type 2 plug into the socket on the mobile ev charging station, then the AC output will turn into DC output.

  • Charging Standard: CCS1 / CCS2 / GB/T / CHAdeMO
  • Output Power Rating: 7KW/14KW/15KW/20KW
  • OCPP1.6, DLB, Reservation, Password Charging
Model MC07750 MC15750 MC20750
Rated power 7KW 15KW 20KW
output voltage 200 -750V 200-750v(200-1000v  Optional)
Input voltage 90 -265V 260 -475V
Input current 32A 23A 30A
output current 20A 37A 50A
Input connection L+N+PE 3P+N+PE
Frequency 50 ~ 60HZ
power factor >0 . 99@
work efficiency 95%

touch panel

Digital tube voice navigation/Digital tube
size(mm) 450X150X310 490X386X158
weight 20KG 25KG 28KG
Auxiliary source 12v(24v ptional)
operating temperature -25℃ ~ +50c(Derating higher than 50c)
Atitude 2000M
IP Level IP43
Anti-cosion class IK8+
standard GB/T18487/EN62196/EN61851 -23 , JEVSG 105/CHADEMO
protocol GBT27930/CHADEMO2 . O/DIN70121 , OCPP 1 . 6(JSON) , ISO 15118
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