7KW/11KW/22KW Smart Home AC EV Charging Station Q6


  1. Type 2/ Type 1/GBT EV charging Station
  2. 7kw 11KW 22kw power output
  3. WiFi, 4G, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  4. Optional: LED display screen
  5. Plug and play, RFID or App control
Technical Parameter
Charging Standard Type 2
Power Rating 7 / 11 / 22 KW
Input & Output Voltage 1-Phase 230V±20% / 3-Phase 380V±20%
Output Current 16/32A 
RCD Type A+DC 6mA
Display LED Indicator & LED Screen
IP Grade IP55
Type 2 Cable Length 5m or Customization
Protection Overvoltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Overload ProtectionShort Circuit Protection, Ground Protection, Over-Temp Protection, Lightning Protection, Leakage Protection, Input Shutdown Protection, Flame Retardant Protection.
Working Environment
Working Altitude ≤2000m
Working Temperature -30℃-55℃
Working Place Indoor or Outdoor
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